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Featuring the highest quality tapered roller bearings available for a greater side load capacity than standard ball or twin row bearings. This bearing carrier will give you much more strength and durability than your standard single row bearing carrier at half the price of a stock OEM style carrier. Fits all stock components.

Click here for Tapered Bearing Installation Instructions
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Shipping Weight 5 lbs
Material 6061 ALUMINUM T-6

Why do I need to replace my OEM bearing carrier?

One of the first things that fail on an ATV is the axle bearing carrier. When this happens it can be very costly. Typically damaging the axle, sprocket hub, brake hub, and he housing itself. These items can be very costly to replace not even taking into account the inconvenience of a break down during a long ride or in the middle of a race. Stock OEM carriers typically are aluminum castings and use only single row ball bearings. Because of this they do not hold up to the rigorous riding style of most serious riders and racers. 

Due to customer demand for a more durable bearing without sacrificing any chain adjustment, RPM now offers this Tapered Bearing Carrier for select models. Because tapered bearings are designed to handle radial load (side to side) as well as axial load (up and down) they are far stronger and more durable than a typical ball bearing.  To keep production costs to a minimum, we’ve taken our existing twin-row carrier and converted   it to use tapered bearings. While RPM uses only the highest quality bearings in all its carriers, these tapered bearings are much stronger than the twin-row ball bearings that would otherwise be installed in this carrier. 

Please follow the Tapered Bearing Carrier Instructions included in all carriers for installation instructions..

Do I need to grease the bearings in my tapered bearing carrier?

Yes.  Our Tapered Bearing Carriers come with a pre-installed grease fitting installed in the middle of the carrier that must be filled with greased.  The tapered bearings come pre-packed with a full synthetic water proof grease from our factory. 

Will this bearing carrier fit all my stock components?

Yes it will fit all factory parts and most aftermarket parts also.

Will I loose any chain adjustment with this carrier?


How can I tell if my stock carrier is damaged?

You may be able to feel roughness or resistance in the rotation of the axle in the carrier. It also may start getting hot and smelling of burnt grease.

What advantages does the Twin Row carrier have over the Tapered carrier?

The advantage with a Twin Row ball bearing is that it has a much better sealing system to prevent water from entering the bearings causing rust and corrosion.  The disadvantage is that a ball bearing can't handle as much of a side load as the tapered bearing can, nor can it be disassemble, inspected and repacked with grease.  Ball bearings are best suited for high speed (10,000 RPM) and radial loads A radial load would be an up down forward backward load. An axle will never rotate at speeds necessary for a ball bearing. An axial load (side to side) on a ball bearing can cause premature failure. A blow to the end of an ATV axle would be an axial load.  A tapered bearing is best suited for slower speeds (3000 RPM) and both radial (up and down) and axial loads (side to side). Best all around use, hard cornering, being hit from the side from another racer, and crashing or flipping landing hard on end of axle.