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Twin Row Bearing Carrier Installation Instructions

TWIN ROW BEARING CARRIER INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONSThis twin row bearing system is the first step to combating bearing failure. In ATV recreational riding today, the demand put upon original drive components is unbelievable. RPM’s replacement components are designed to take the punishment.Your bearing housing should last many years of riding if you take proper care of it. This bearing housing uses sealed bearings. When you install your new RPM bearing carrier do not over-tighten the axle lock nut (over-tightening can collapse the center spacer tube). Once you have snugged up the axle locknut, loctite the jam nut area and then tighten the jam nut (if applicable). If you are using an RPM anti-fade or other type of axle lock nut, follow the manufacturer’s instructions provided with that product. Because jam nuts and some locknuts are prone to coming loose, RPM recommends that you inspect them frequently to be sure they remain tight.AVOID PRESSURE WASHING THE BEARING HOUSING AREA!!! Pressure washing may force water past the outer seals and into the bearings causing rust and premature bearing failure. Check bearings periodically for smooth operation, if they make a grinding noise or if you notice that they seem to feel rough when rotating them by hand then replace them immediately. Do not ride on damaged bearings. If your bearings fail they may destroy the carrier housing, axle, brake hub and sprocket hub. Replacement bearings and seals are available directly from RPM. If you have any technical questions, please do not hesitate to call or write, contact info is listed above.