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RPM Tapered Bearing Carrier Installation Instructions


Congratulations on your choice of the RPM Tapered Bearing Carrier.  With proper maintenance of the bearings, seals, grease and pre-load adjustments, this carrier will outlast the quad you install it on.  

The Tapered Carrier bearings are packed with grease at the factory. RPM recommends that you completely fill the center cavity of the carrier with high quality synthetic grease  after installation.  This will ensure the bearings have enough lubrication, as well as helping to keep moisture and debris out.  AVOID PRESSURE WASHING THE BEARING HOUSING AREA!!!  Pressure washing may force water past the outer seals and into the bearings causing rust and premature bearing failure. We STRONGLY suggest cleaning, inspecting and re-packing your bearings regularly. Replacing your seals before they wear out will also add to bearing longevity.

We have added a zerk fitting to fill the carrier with grease.  If you do not have an opening in your swing arm to access the grease zerk you may drill one if so desired.  If there is no way to grease the carrier with it installed in the swing arm; RPM recommends that you install the axle into carrier with the sprocket hub installed, then slide the carrier out of the swing arm enough to access the zerk fitting and fill the carrier so that new grease is present at the seal for the brake hub.  Then insert the carrier into the swing arm and install the brake caliper bracket, brake hub & locknut.  This procedure will not work with axles that have pressed on brake hubs such as the Suzuki LTZ 400.  In this case we recommend that an access hole be drilled in a lower, centered, non-structural location to avoid weakening the integrity of your swing arm.

To obtain the proper pre-load adjustment for the tapered bearings: seat the seal surfaces of the sprocket and brake hubs into the seals and against the bearing race by hand.  While slowly rotating the axle, tighten the axle locknut hand tight plus ¼ turn more then back the locknut off until the axle just begins to have play.  Next, tighten the locknut just enough to eliminate all side play. This should also eliminate any up and down play. The axle should spin freely with only a slight drag from the seals. Secure your locknut in this position.  Test ride the quad approximately one mile to seat the bearings.  Immediately after the test ride carefully feel the carrier for heat, if it’s warm or hot it’s too tight. Loosen the locknut and readjust. Test ride and recheck.    

Repair parts, bearings, seals, rebuild kits, and grease are available from RPM.  Please call 928-771-9363 for more information.