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This is a timing advance for the Honda TRX 250R. Made by RPM since 1994. This unit allows you to adjust the timing +7' to -5'. See our Installation Instructions for more detail.

What is a timing advance unit?

A timing advance for the Honda TRX 250R allows you to adjust the timing +7' to -5'. That's 12 deg of adjustment. Don't settle for a fixed setting that the manufacture thinks you need. You know. Middle of the road or that's good enough setting. All motors are a little different in the way they are set up. Carburetation, exhaust, porting, fuel types, performance needs, and other little tweaks. The de-tuned 250R motor is capable of so much more. Why put in so much money and effort to get more performance Out of the engine but not have the ability to adjust the timing. That is standard procedure for all other types on engine building. Customers have stated there bike had so much more power it feels like it has another gear. Great for engines on alcohol, drag racers, ice racers, motocross, or just to beat your buddy to the next corner. Comes with a new bearing installed.