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At Last . . . The Test Results Are In:

"RPM's DOMINATOR II is the Strongest Performance Axle on the Planet!"

Our "competitors" axles bent up to an amazing 17 Times more than the Dominator under the exact same pressure . . .

Find out all the shocking details in this new report - all the major brands were tested:


Lonestar Axcalibar

Durablue Eliminator

Team Firestick

Rocky Mountain ATV G-Force

Want a sneak preview of the results? Take a look at this . . .

"Under an extreme 14,000 lbs of pressure, the RPM Dominator II bent only a miniscule .031 inches. Compare that to our closest 'competition', which bent more than 6 times as much!"

Bottom line - there is now absolutely no doubt remaining. Unless you actually enjoy bent axles, you need a Dominator II in your bike!

And with our special promotional pricing, you can now own the strongest, most reliable performance axle on the planet for LESS than most of our competitor's axles.

Oh, and did we mention that we offer the best Lifetime Warrantyagainst bending and breaking in the entire industry? (Hint: When your axles are as good as ours, you can afford to!)

axle test

To see the table of actual test results, click here.


RPM DOMINATOR II – The Axle of Champions!